Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Uni-ball Signo DX 0.28 mm



Overview: Despite looking fragile at first (this pen writes VERY thin!) this pen has actually proved to be pretty hearty. Of course, if you drop it and it lands on its tip, that is a different matter altogether, but I've been using it on a regular basis to take notes during 70-minute classes and it has never skipped or clogged yet. The tip is made of steel, making it very sturdy. It is also more of a cone shape, rather than the needle tip you get with Hi-Tec-C's and Slicci's. The ink is very dark and visible, despite the thinness of the lines. The grip is comfortable - not too hard or soft, with light circular dimples - and when the pen is posted, the weight is very even. All in all, a wonderful value!

- VERY thin lines
- sturdy tip
- has not clogged yet for me, although I've heard that it does
- good, clean design
- rubber grip makes lengthy writing comfortable

- I've heard that it clogs from time to time - if this happens, try submerging the tip in rubbing alcohol (if it happens to me, I will document the cleaning process for you to see)

Overall: A $2.25 pen with only one downside? Obviously a must-have. The ink is dark and the body is very durable. If you plan on buying this thickness, I advise either blue, blue-black, black, or red because the lighter ink colors will be virtually invisible with such thin lines. Personally, I'm getting another black and a blue-black once my next paycheck comes in!

Rating: 9.5/10 special turnips

Signing out,

- Emily