Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Pen Order!

I just got my first order from JetPens about two weeks ago. My friend recently got me hooked on writing implements, and hooked is exactly what I've been ever since. I'm pretty sure my friends are sick of all my talk about pens, so I've decided to start this blog to share my love with more people. What you see here is a Uniball Jetstream 4&1 multi-pen, 4 Uni-ball Signo DXs, and a Sura John and Mary pencil pouch to keep it all in! I've been using all of this loyally for the past two weeks, so stay tuned for some detailed reviews.

Signing out,

- Emily


  1. I'm quite sure all my friends are sick of my talk as well.
    Although I warn you, that little pencil case? probably not gonna hack it. Find a makeup case. A rounded one. Or a small purse. One person I know who's a pen addict uses a harajuku purse she got on sale for all her pens.
    Trust me, it pays off when you don't have to scrape through your pens when it's too full to cram another in, trying in vain to figure out what one you can live without.
    Also, it's excellent to pick up an excuse to carry around tons of pens. As for me, I'm a writer(was before pen addiction took over) and it was my unhappiness with your regular ballpoint that led me first to gel/rollerball pens(and in those I moved from cheap pens you can buy in 20-packs to fantastic pens like the Pilot Vball Extra Fine RT, that I still use), to now, my latest obsession, Fountain pens, which are so much fun to write with.
    I'm also something of a notebook freak.

  2. Yeah I suspect this case is going to get reeaaallly crowded soon. D: To be fair, when I bought it, I thought my addiction would end with my first Jetpens order - I didn't know it would get worse.

    I've been looking more and more at fountain pens, although I think with the (virtually nonexistent) funds I have right now, they're a bit too expensive for me. Would it be pathetic to sell your soul to the corporate man for fancier pens? >_>...

  3. The corporate man funds my pen addiction. Every time I got to Jetpens it gets worse. I've officially cut myself off from pen purchases until June (since March). Counting down!!!!! ^_^